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Happy Holidays!

Well, we’ve been MIA for while….and couldn’t be happier to get crack-a-lacking on some new posts! Consider this a teaser post, because as the holiday season approaches in full swing, we will have a plethora of amazing mess for your viewing delight! What are your planty-plans for the holidays? We’d love to know!

Recent Noms

Recent Noms

I haven’t had much time to cook (besides the FAIL pumpkin cookies I can’t talk about) or blog over the last 48 hours, however I have had some great vegan mofo worth noms. I am perfectly aware that this is sort of a cop-out post, I promise more food nom goodness and a recipe or … Continue reading

Fried Rice

Fried Rice

I am a big fan of fried rice, not so much the kind from the mediocreĀ chinese place down the street or any kind with eggs in it, I’m talking homemade (or homemade-ish) vegan fried rice. It has become one of my go to quick and easy meals. I wish I had a killer recipe to … Continue reading

Food Photography Tips

*This is not directly related to plant based eating or vegan food – but it is still relevant.* I’ve been a photographer for as long as I can remember, I joke that I was born with a camera in my hands. I have taken high school, undergrad and graduate level photography courses. Am I an … Continue reading

Pro Bar – Halo S’MORES Review

I love bars, Larabars, 22 Days Nutrition bars, cliff bars (sometimes) and all other sorts of protein and snack bars. IĀ haveĀ had been meaning to try Pro Bar’s Halo S’MORES bar for a while. Over the weekend I stumbled across a display and they were even on sale. I should note that for some reason I … Continue reading

Pumpkin Spice Cake

I searched the Internet for hours looking for the perfect recipe (to modify). I went to 3 grocery stores to get the perfect ingredients.Ā  I drove myself crazy for hours before I decided on modifying a cake from a box. Yes, I said it and yes I did it. Iā€™ve flopped more than a few … Continue reading

Crazy Pumpkin Filled weekend plans

This weekend the temperatures will (finally) be dipping below 70 and that means PUMPKIN TIME! I’ve got big experimental plans for pumpkins this weekend. ā€¢ Pumpkin Latte ā€¢ Pumpkin Cupcakes or ā€¢ Pumpkin Cookies and even ā€¢ Pumpkin Pancakes Lets just say that I am hoping to be knee deep in pumpkin this weekend, recipes … Continue reading

Slip Up’s

Sometimes it is just easier to eat whatever; whatever is available, whatever tastes the best, whatever you are craving. When life gets hectic and unpredictable it is definitely more convenient to say screw it and reach for Ā the processed convenience foods and take out. It is easy and it solves the problem of hunger really … Continue reading